About Catherine

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog


I have studied many techniques in the Energy Medicine Field as well as Energy Psychology but, the most important aspect of working with someone is something I have always felt and has little to do with any technique. When I am with a client as we come into the same space and begin to interact I can feel my energetic being shift and it is as though

my being creates a container for the person and holds them there while we do the work. After the session then it is gone.

I shall list my trainings ect., however, the above is what creates a healing space so that the person’s own energy story and wisdom can be revealed.

  • Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner.
  • Masters in Neurolinquistics Programing,
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Advanced,
  • Reconnective Healing and Reconnections,
  • PSYCH-K Advanced,
  • Trauma and Energy Psychology work (Mary Sise)
  • Touch for Health levels 1-4
  • Reiki -1
  • Therapeutic Touch -2
  • Personal Coaching (Kathleen Brehony)


My Daughter’s incredible spirit, Singing, Skating, Roller-Blading, picnics, cross country skiing, laughing, traveling, poetry, children, Goldendoodle Dogs, Cornish Rex Cats, Favorite poem:”A Ritual to Read to Each other” by William Stafford, Favorite play:”Exit the King” by Eugene Unesco and Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”. One of my favourite films “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Hayao Miyazaki.

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